Ethics (NEW)

Course Description

Ethics are involved in every aspect of our personal, interpersonal and professional lives. This highly interactive course focuses on helping you become consciously aware and articulate about your personal ethics, your values, beliefs and morals, and how these relate to your working life, whether this is in a private business or public service context.

On this course you will be introduced to the fundamentals of ethics theory and to various ethical decision-making models. You will examine these models and become familiar with how to use these pragmatically. You will consider the relationship between ethics and professionalism as well as developing an understanding of the importance of ethics in various disciplines.

You will explore various ethical dilemmas and be challenged to explore ethical considerations that exist in your own work. Moreover, you will consider the relevance and application of Codes of Conduct, Codes of Ethics, Oaths and the role of Governance within organizations.

You will be learning in ateam environment for the duration of the course so that you can discuss each weeks’ learnings, and additional topics, with your peers. Each unit provides a particular focus and progression that will assist in understanding the application of ethics to your personal and working life.

Learnings Outcomes

  • Understanding of fundamental moral and ethical theory
  • How to apply ethics to personal life and to professionalpractice
  • Practical application ofethical decision-makingin the real world
  • Understanding the relationship between ethics and professionalism
  • How to identify Organizational Integrity