Human Resource Management


The Certificate in Human Resource Management is a six-course program offered by the College of Continuing Education. Courses required for this program were selected to provide an opportunity to focus on people as the primary resource of management. The program will cover a wide range of competencies required by those who are responsible for understanding and managing people at work.


The objectives of the Certificate in Human Resource Management are to:

  • introduce the various functions of the business system
  • provide insights into human and group interaction
  • explore organizations as organisms
  • assist in the development of interpersonal understanding and relations
  • develop management skills which focus on the human aspect of management.

Who should enrol?

Anyone with managerial or supervisory responsibility will find this program valuable. Exploration of motivation, structure, leadership, communication, along with many other relevant topics, will add significantly to an understanding of organizational dynamics. The greater the understanding of a particular resource, the greater the probability of realizing its potential.

Enrolment is open to all who want advanced education, regardless of previous educational background or the time that has elapsed since your last formal educational experience. Course delivery is designed to provide maximum benefit and flexibility through home study.

Program structure

All courses in the Certificate in Human Resource Management are offered in both Spring and Fall. Materials are distributed for the Spring term in early April, and for the Fall term in early October. Usually, students are advised not to take more than one course per term. Course requirements include the completion of ten assignments and a final comprehensive examination. By taking one course per term, the requirements for the certificate can be fulfilled in three years.

Certificate requirements

You can receive the Certificate in Human Resource Management by completing the following six courses. You may take courses in any order, but it is recommended that you start with Introduction to Business Administration and finish with Strategic Management.


The first assignment is due at the end of April or October, for the Spring or Fall terms, respectively. Assignments are due every other Monday.

Required courses