Orthographic & Multi‑View Drawings, Basic Dimensions & Notes, and Section Views (Module II)

This is the second module in the AutoCAD Certificate Program. It is 100% Online.


  • Editing Tools 2: using the Polar Array, Path Array, Rectangular Array tools, editing using grips, modifying rectangular arrays, editing the source item of the rectangular array, modifying polar arrays, revision clouds
  • Dimensioning, creating dimensions, creating a dimension style, what are dimension lines and extension lines, adding leaders
  • Adding dimensional tolerances, geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, editing dimensions, editing dimensions by stretching, modifying dimensions by trimming and extending, using DIMEDIT command, using the Update tool, using the Oblique tool, editing dimensions using grips, modifying dimensions using the Properties palette, matching properties of dimensions or objects
  • Section views, the Hatch tool, setting the properties of Hatch lines, Island Detection tool, text in hatching, editing Hatch lines

Applies Towards the Following Certificates