Blocks, Attributes & Xrefs, Templates and Plotting, and Introduction to Architectural Drawings (Module III)

This is the third module in the AutoCAD Certificate Program. It is 100% Online.


  • Blocks, Attributes and Xrefs: Introduction, creating blocks, inserting blocks, creating annotative blocks, exploding blocks, using the Purge tool, using the Divide tool, renaming blocks, inserting blocks in a table, using the DesignCenter, using Tools palettes, creating a new tool palette, adding blocks to a tool palette, inserting multiple blocks
  • Blocks, Attributes and Xrefs: editing blocks, using the Write Block tool, defining attributes, inserting attributed blocks, working with external references, fading an Xref, clipping externa references, editing the external references, adding balloons, creating a Part List
  • Drawing layouts, working with layouts, creating Viewports in the Paper space, changing the layer properties in Viewports, creating the Title Block on the Layout, working with annotative dimensions, scaling Hatches relative to Viewports, working with annotative text
  • Plotting drawings, configuring plotters, creating Plot Style tables, using plot styles, creating templates, plotting and printing a drawing, exporting to PDF, publishing a 2D Drawing to a browser
  • Creating architectural drawings: introduction, creating outer walls, creating inner walls, creating openings and doors, creating kitchen fixtures, creating bathroom fixtures, adding furniture using blocks, arranging objects of the drawing in layers, creating gridlines, creating grid bubbles, adding dimensions, using Multiline tool for creating walls in a plan

Applies Towards the Following Certificates