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Executive Certificate in Leadership The Certificate in Executive Leadership consists of six fully online courses that are designed to build personal leadership skills, strategies and capacity; the ability to develop dynamic, productive and collaborative management teams; and the knowledge to create a culture of innovation and creative problem-solving in your organization. Start Date: Sept 21
Certificate in Blockchain Blockchain technology spans many industries from banking to healthcare, entertainment, supply chain management and more. Get trained in blockchain and cryptocurrency with our certificate program and gain in-demand skills for your next career move.  Start Date: Sept 23
Understanding Diversity and Inclusion

Participants in this course will spend time discovering insights into their own values, beliefs, and behaviours with respect to diversity. The intention is that participants will examine diversity in adult education and develop competencies to integrate diversity into their practice.

This can be taken as a standalone course or part of the Certificate in Adult Education.

Start Date: Oct. 13
Neurodiversity and Mental Health in the Workplace and Community This course will teach you what you need to know about mental health from the patient's perspective as it pertains to the workplace and the psychiatric institution, and what you need to know about barriers for people with learning disabilities. This includes examining the workplace, the institution, the politics and political discourse, interactions with law enforcement, and the media’s role in perpetuating stigma. Start Date: Oct. 20
Engaging the Superpowers within Each Generation

This course will give you in-depth understanding of the generations, views from each perspective, strategies on how they can work best together and a good idea of where you fit into the equation.  It will help you become aware of your own biases, no matter what generation you belong to, and how you can adjust your expectations and behaviour to work with everyone.

This course also applies toward the Certificate in Agile Communications.

Start Date: Oct. 29