Cuba Programme

*This Programme is offered by the Department of International Development Studies. Please see below for contact information.

With Dalhousie University, you are invited to explore two distinct programs: the Cuba Study Tour, and the longer Cuba Semester Programme. Both of these programs are administered through the Department of International Development Studies.

Cuba Study Tour

Offered every April, the Cuba Study Tour lasts six weeks — four weeks in Halifax and two weeks in Cuba with Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales (FLACSO) at the University of Havana. 

In Cuba, students learn about Cuban culture and society by attending daily lectures (translated simultaneously in English) and visiting sites in and aroundHavana. Students will be required to keep a daily journal, conduct an interview with a Cuban citizen and prepare a research paper on an approved topic related to Cuban development.

The program is described as physically challenging. It requires living in shared accommodations with basic facilities.

Cuban Culture and Society (INTD or SPAN  3310.06) counts as 6 credit hours. Prerequisites are INTD 2001.03 and INTD 2002.03SPAN 1020 X/Y.06 ; they are recommended but not required.

Interested? Fill out the application form [PDF - 35KB]. Applications will be accepted from students in their second year and onward. The deadline for applications is at the end of November.

Cuba Semester Programme

The Cuba Semester Program is a longer program — lasting 13 weeks — and is worth 18 credit hours, either in Spanish or IDS. Students enrolled in their third or fourth years of Spanish or IDS programs will need to be able to read, write and speak in Spanish (at least two years of Spanish or equivalent) to participate. Prerequisites are SPAN 1020X/Y.06 and SPAN 2020X/Y.06.

Offered in January, the Cuba Semester Programme is a collaborative project between Dalhousie University and the Facultad Lationamericana de Ciencias Sociales (FLACSO), a regional organization in Latin America for the development of social science research and post graduate studies. FLACSO-Cuba is located at the University of Havana.

The semester provides for an intense learning experience. The first two weeks are spent learning more Spanish and getting accustomed to the Cuban dialect.

From there, the next six weeks are spent learning about taking classes with FLACSO-University of Havana. The classes are conducted in Spanish.

The next two weeks are reserved for an internship in Pinar del Río. And finally, the last three weeks of the program are set aside for the reserach paper and presentation. Students write a research paper in Spanish which is presented to the FLACSO faculty and the class.

Students will register for the following courses while in Cuba:
  • Spanish Language and Grammar (INTD 3301.03)     3 credit hours
    • (This course is cross-listed with any advanced Spanish language course. Contact the Department of Spanish & Latin American Studies for more information.)
  • Social Development in Cuba (INTD 3302.03)           3 credit hours
  • The Political Economy of Cuba (INTD 3303.03)       3 credit hours
  • Sustainable Development in Cuba (INTD 3304.03)   3 credit hours
  • Field Research Practicum (INTD 3306.06)               6 credit hours
All of the above courses are cross-listed with SPAN, so students are able to receive either INTD or SPAN credits for their time in Cuba.
Of course, taking classes is just one part of the educational experience in Cuba. Students  board with Cuban families. This is legal housing approved by FLACSO.

Interested? Fill out the application form [PDF - 35KB]. The deadline for applications is no later than the second week of November for those applying to the fall program and no later than the second week of February for those applying to the winter program.

To learn more about the Cuba Semester Program, please contact: Marian MacKinnon, Cuba Program Coordinator, Department of International Development Studies. E-mail: (study abroad inquiries) or by phone at:  902-494-2191.