Emily  Lockhart



Email: emily.lockhart@dal.ca
Mailing Address: 
Rm 1128, McCain Building, 6135 University Avenue PO Box 15000, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada B3H 4R2
Research Topics:
  • Youth legal consciousness
  • Digital sexuality
  • Gender
  • Legal regulation of sexuality
  • Critical youth studies


BA, MA Sociology, University of New Brunswick

PhD Candidate, Socio-Legal Studies, York University

Research Interests

Emily Lockhart is a socio-legal scholar whose research is in the areas of critical youth studies, feminist legal studies, and critical sexuality studies. She is interested in the legal and moral regulation of sexuality, young peoples’ technology-mediated sexualities, youth legal consciousness, and legal mobilization.

Emily’s current research explores the impact of Canada’s non-consensual intimate image distribution law (Criminal Code section 162.1) on the ways Nova Scotian youth navigate intimate image sharing practices. She has worked with youth and youth service providers across the province to better understand the impact that dominant discourses about youth, sexuality, and technology have had on youth themselves and the way they think about, speak about, and sometimes navigate cases of non-consensual intimate image distribution. Emily has published some of the findings of her dissertation project in journal articles.

Selected Publications

2021    Dodge, Alexa and Lockhart, Emily “Young People Just Resolve it in Their Own Group”: Young People’s Perspectives on Responses to Non-Consensual Intimate Image Distribution.” Youth Justice 

2021    Lockhart, Emily., Roots, Katrin, and Tasker, Heather. “Feminism and Carceral Politics: Law’s Power from Domestic Violence to #MeToo” In Alam, M., Dwyer, P., and Roots, K., (eds) Socio-Legal Interrogations of Power. Athabasca University Press.

2021    Roots, Katrin. and Lockhart Emily. “To Protect and Responsibilize: The Discursive Explosion of Combining Youth Sexuality, Human Trafficking, and Online Spaces.” Canadian Journal of Women and the Law 33(1).

2018     Lockhart, Emily. “Representations of ‘Sexting’ and Sexual Violence on Legal Dramas: Implications for Adolescents’ Sexual Citizenship” in Grealy, L, Hickey- Moody, A, and  Driscoll, C (Eds.)   Youth, Technology, Governance, Experience: Adults Understanding Young People. Routledge: London.

2014      Lockhart, E, Tenasco, A., Whiteduck, T., O’Donnell, S. “Information and Communication Technologies for Education in an Algonquin First Nation in Quebec.” The Journal of Community Informatics 10(2).