THEATRE: 5 things to know

What is Theatre?

Dalhousie’s Theatre program is multi-discipline and includes all activities behind the scenes and on stage including:

•costume design and creation
•stage design and carpentry
•stage management
•the history of theatre

Why Dal’s Fountain School of Performing Arts?

Our theatre program lets you specialize in areas of theatre that interest you. Our school offers interdisciplinary performance opportunities in stage productions and music concerts where you’ll work with fellow students from other departments. Dal is located in the vibrant city of Halifax which has an flourishing and diverse arts scene.

What degrees and courses are offered?

We offer Bachelor of Arts honors theatre degrees in:

•costume studies
•stage design and technical theatre
•theatre studies

You can take any of these as combined honors degrees. Students not specializing can graduate with major or double major degrees. You can also add minor or electives in theatre to a huge range of other Dalhousie programs.

What kind of jobs can I get with these various degree in Theatre options?

Choosing Theatre at Dal opens a world of opportunity in the professional theatre industry in Canada and abroad. Career options including director, playwright, actor, technicians and  designers. Other career options include high school drama teaching or arts administration in the theatre and film study industries.  Your future graduate studies could theatre and scenography, or a professional degree such as law.

Where to start?

PERF 1000 – Writing About Performance
PERF 1002 – Writing About Stage and Screen
THEA 1051 and THEA 1052 – Intro to Theatre Organization & Stagecraft
THEA 1451 and THEA 1452 – Intro to Costume Studies
THEA 1801 and THEA 1802 – Intro to Acting and Performance

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