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2016 Graduates

Diploma in Costume Studies

Angela Kinsmen

Chantal Margarie Laurendau

Veronica Bronwyn Pel, Dalhousie Alumni Association Medal in Costume Studies

Bachelor of Arts, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences 

Elizabeth Carolena Charles - Honours in Theatre

Ivy Augsuta Abbott Charles - Honours in Theatre

" I have been accepted to a few grad schools in the UK, and I have chosen to move to Glasgow and do the Master of Arts in Classical and Contemporary Text (Acting) at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland! The program includes a month-long residency performing on the Globe stage! I am so thrilled."

William James Lindsay Cowan - Honours in Theatre

Alexandra Rose Cubbon - Honours in Theatre

Sarah Elizabeth Deller - Honours in Theatre and English

I finished the Acting Program in 2015 and will be graduating with Combined Honours in Acting and English this Tuesday.

I have been offered summer jobs in admin with 2b and Zuppa and this summer I will be working with one of those theatre companies, doing event planning and outreach. In the upcoming year, I will be pursuing my MA in English at Dalhousie (hopefully while still acting as much as I can!).

The immediate goal is to keep balancing life as an actor / director and an academic. Life goal is to be a "Stratford veteran actor" and run the Stratford Festival. I'll keep y'all posted  

Hayley Isabelle Duffet - Theatre

Emma Grace Findlay - Major in Theatre

"After graduating on Tuesday, I'll be saving money to move to Vancouver in the coming year to begin my career. I plan to get my start in the film industry and then move into concert/festival videography (my true passion). In nearer goals, I'm travelling to Montreal's Osheaga festival in July to finally see my all time favourite band, Radiohead, among other great acts."

Chloe Elizabeth Forrest - Honors in Theatre

Philip Samuel Freymond - Theatre

Alexa Rose Gualazzi - Major in Theatre

Sara Elizabeth Harlow - Honours in Theatre

Mary Caroline Hartley, Major in Theatre, with Distinction

"Starting Monday I will be working as a props builder at Neptune Theatre."  

Jonathan Hutton - Major in Music

Lara Lewis - Honours in Theatre

Currently, Lara is serving as assistant director on 2b theatre company's world premiere of Unconscious at the Sistine Chapel, and stage managing Taboo Theatre's The Uncanny series. She is directing a piece in An Evening of Ives III with Lion's Den Theatre and will be participating in Forerunner Playwright's Theatre's Pitch It.
Lara will be featured in Sit On My Face at the Queer Acts Theatre Festival, and in Rut at the Atlantic Fringe Festival. Her poetry is in development for an installation in Onelight Theatre's Prismatic Festival in September and is in the works with a production headed by Ann-Marie Kerr with Cathy Jones and Daniel McIvor for October. She is a board member of Villain's Theatre and Rolling Bold Productions and working with DaPoPo Theatre on a casual basis.

Celestia Kalau-Tavormina - Honours in Theatre

"In September I plan on moving cross-country to Vancouver and trying my hand at the theatre and film scene out there. During the Summer I will hopefully be involved in some local theatre. Eventually, I dream of making it to the Stratford festival."

Frietzen Alexandra Kenter - Honours in Theatre, University Medal in Theatre

"This summer I am acting in two productions with the theatre company 'Two Planks and a Passion' at the Ross Creek Centre for the Arts.  I also have an acting contract with Neptune Theatre for their Christmas production, Miracle on 34th Street."

Fiona Dale Kidd - Honours in Theatre

Joyce Queen Lo - Double Major in Theatre and Sociaology and Social Anthropology with Distinction

Wai Wan Low - Honours in Theatre

Kiera Melanie Lunn - Honours in Theatre

Melissa Diane MacGougan - Honours in Theatre

Olivia Marion McNair - Honours in Theatre

Annamaire Abram Million - Major in Theatre

Meghan Elaine Naugle - Major in Music

Elizabeth Anne Perry - Major in Theatre

Brandon Daniel Randall - Honours in Theatre

Christine Ann Rankin - Honours in Theatre and Creative Writing

"In September I will be attending grad school at York University and will be pursuing a Masters in Theatre and Performance Studies. I was awarded the Graduate Fellowship for Academic Distinction (MA) for “high potential for future leadership in international affairs”. At York I will be researching athletic spectacle, its involvement in the development of a nation’s identity, and spectacle’s ability to unite individuals from diverse global and cultural contexts."

Eliza Mollie Robertson - Honours in Theatre

"I'm moving out to Victoria BC and have been accepted as a permittee for IATSE to work with stage costumes. I'm also starting a business selling custom clothes and costumes!"

Ross Jordan Robertson - Honours in Theatre

Andrew Douglas Neary Ross - Major in Music

Lillian Isobel Ross- Millard (King's) - Honours in Contemporary Studies and Theatre

Evan Aleksander Rudic - Honours in Theatre

Helena Sacks Smith - Honour in Theatre and History

Rachel Olivia Smith - Honours in Theatre

Christopher Jamie Spencer - Honour in Theatre

Dana Lauren Tax - Theatre

Madeleine Elizabeth Louisa Tench - Honours in Theatre

Jack Thomas Welsh - Theatre

Jacqueline Emma Wigle -Honours in Theatre

Brody Mitchell Wilkinson-Martin (King's) - Honours in Theatre

Annabelle Stuart De Longsden - Theatre

Bachelor of Music, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Andrew Robert Coll - with Distinction, University Medla in Music and Dalhousie Alumni Association Medal in Music

Lindsay Isabel Connolly - with Distinction

"After graduation, I'm attending the St Andrews Vocal Techniques Workshop before moving to Montreal and starting my Masters in Performance at McGill University."

Ashley Cook

Julie D. Cuming

Olivia Mary Cummings - with Distinction

Kevin Richard Curry - with Distinction, Dalhousie Alumni Association Prize in Music

Arash Delavar

Nicholas Daniel Gosselin

Sarah Krystine Harrigan

Mehdi Karbasi

Brandon James Mott - with Distinction

Alexa Liane Munroe Choquette

Ryan Neal White

Bachelor of Arts, Faculty of Sciences

Julia May Zaynab LeBlanc - with Distinction

Masters of Arts


Clare L. Neil - Musicology

"Ive been given a generous acceptance offer at Western University in London Ontario to continue my musicology studies at the PhD level. I'm very grateful for the support i received while at dal, and it is because of this support that i feel confident and prepared going into the PhD. 
Thanks so much!"