Nathan Simmons

Actors: Nathan Simmons and Kelin Boyd. Set Design by Katrin Whitehead, Costume Design by Helena Marriott, and Lighting Design by Leigh Ann Vardy. Photo: Stoo Metz Photography

For Nathan Simmons (BA(Theatre)’17), the plan was to major in science at Dalhousie University and take a few acting classes on the side. But it soon became clear to him, and everyone who saw him, that he could deliver a riveting performance. “I really enjoyed the response I got from audiences and my professors when I was on stage," he says. "That convinced me to study theatre instead.”

Unlike many of his classmates, the Nova Scotia-born Simmons had only minimal acting experience before he enrolled in the Fountain School of Performing Arts. He credits the support of his professors for helping him gain confidence and credentials. “They gave me the skills and encouragement to do theatre shows so long as I kept my grades up,” he says. “They also brought in stage and TV directors to teach master classes, and those connections provided invaluable opportunities to expand my resume and establish myself as an actor.”

Simmons is happy to see Dalhousie building on its legacy of excellence in education through the Performing Arts Campaign. “I hope the new practice spaces and concert hall will encourage more young people, especially people of colour, to study the arts,” he says. “That will lead to more homegrown talent and stories that reflect the rich diversity of our community while strengthening our culture.”