Julia Beke

Julia Beke sewing

Julia Beke was just 12 years old when she discovered her passion. Travelling across North America with her family, she was transfixed by the historical costumes she saw at the museums they visited and she soon began researching how to replicate those designs. Yet Beke never imagined it as anything more than a hobby until she heard about Dalhousie University’s Costume Studies program.

“It’s been amazing so far,” says the first-year student. “I’ve learned the basics of sewing, which came in handy when I helped dress the Fountain School of Performing Arts’ production of The Secret in the Wings. I’m excited that I’ll get to create a historically accurate costume in my fourth year of study.”

Beke is also looking forward to completing her studies in the new and refurbished spaces that Dalhousie alumni and donors will help create through the Performing Arts Campaign. "We will be able to bring all of the students and programs together on campus in ways that weren't possible before," she says. "It will give us a more realistic theatre environment for learning, which means there will be no limits to what we can achieve when we graduate."