Gina Burgess


The first time Gina Burgess saw her grandparents play Beethoven trios, she found herself captivated by the violinist who accompanied them.  “That’s when I knew I wanted to play violin,” she says. “I was really intrigued by the sound of the music.”

Burgess began taking lessons and was impressed by one mentor in particular: Dalhousie music professor Philippe Djokic. "I knew I had to continue my studies at the university," she says. “I loved everything about the experience. I had a lot of one-on-one time with professors, I chose the music I worked on, and the university’s reputation made it easier to book gigs, so it had a significant impact on my career.”

Since graduating, Burgess played with Gypsophilia, joined Juno Award-nominated The Jerry Cans, and launched a solo project, thanks in part to the education she received at Dalhousie. She believes the Performing Arts Campaign is vital in ensuring the next generation of students are able to succeed just as she has. “The new practice spaces and facilities will give them more sense of connectedness, not just with each other but also with the campus and the community,” she says. “This will mean more opportunities for performance and collaboration that will change the way we create and experience art in Nova Scotia.”