Isabelle Riche


The daughter of a writer and a musician who can play any song by ear, Isabelle Riche grew up in a household where artistic expression was encouraged. The Newfoundland and Labrador native began learning the piano at the age of four and her passion for the instrument was such that she went on to enroll at Dalhousie University’s Fountain School of Performing Arts to study music and composition.

“There’s that same spirit here that I grew up with,” she says. “The instructors really value imagination and exploring your own ideas. Their approach to critiquing my work not only gives me momentum to keep improving but also makes me want to become a professor so I can do the same for the next generation of students.”

Riche sees that same desire to pay it forward in the alumni and donors who made gifts to the Performing Arts Campaign, and she believes the impacts will be significant for both students and the community. “It will create more welcoming and accessible practice spaces and opportunities for more people to explore the arts than ever before,” Riche says. “Any initiative that enables artistic development and performance is worth supporting and it is nice that so many people are investing in our future.”