Alex Kavanagh

Photographer: Sid Sawant

Whether creating doll clothing or her own items to wear as a teenager in St. John’s, NL, Alex Kavanagh (CCS'92) was certain she was going to be a fashion designer. But a chance encounter with a Dalhousie costume studies alumna who showed Kavanagh her portfolio changed that.

“I was always interested in historic fashion,” Kavanagh explains. “It was an eye-opener to discover I could study costume design, so I enrolled at Dalhousie. I thought I’d apply the skills I learned to fashion, but the program led to stitching work at Neptune, which led to film work, and ultimately a career in costuming.” Kavanagh's costume design credits include Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle, Saw II, Splice, and The Vow.

Based in Toronto, Kavanagh says the program’s emphasis on building practical skills was crucial in her success and she is delighted to see the Performing Arts Campaign build on that legacy with new and upgraded facilities. “This is going to raise the bar not just in terms of an educational experience but also a performing space,” Kavanagh says. “But more than that, the Costume Studies program is unique because it's focused more on historical research and applied skills, so I’m really thrilled to see Dalhousie investing in it.”