Kip Pegley (BME '86)

Living the dream


Dalhousie has so many advantages...


As a child, Kip Pegley was a closet pop music junkie.

“I never thought I could teach popular music as a career,” says the Dalhousie music alumnus.

Luckily for her, that didn’t turn out to be true. While Dr. Pegley initially studied music education at Dalhousie, today she is a musicology professor at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario.

Musicology is the historical study of music within culture.

“Music so often goes unnoticed,” she says, pointing to films as an example. “After watching a film, people will tell you about what they saw, but they aren’t encouraged to remember what they heard. Music is all around us. It shapes how we feel and think about our world around us.”

I want my MTV

As a musicology professor, Dr. Pegley is interested in diverse topics ranging from the cultural differences between MTV and MuchMusic, to how music works ideologically on television news, to how music influences how much money we spend in shopping malls, restaurants and on the Internet.

For students interested in musicology, Dalhousie offers both a Bachelor of Music with a concentration in musicology and a Master’s in Musicology program.

“Dalhousie has so many advantages,” says Dr. Pegley, noting that the music program allows students to have lots of performance opportunities and get engaged.

As a student, she played trumpet as a contractual performer with the Atlantic Symphony Orchestra (which later morphed into Symphony Nova Scotia). The highlight of this experience was playing a duet with the legendary Ray Charles.