Jody Lyne (BMus '07)

Lovin’ every minute of it

Without the theory that I learned, there would be no way I could compose.


Busy is a word that perfectly describes Jody Lyne. Besides being in five bands where he plays trumpet and piano, he’s also the full-time band director at a private school in Bedford, Nova Scotia, as well as the brass instructor at the Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC). On top of that, he produces other artists’ music and composes music for commercials, TV and film.

“I love it all,” says Jody.

At Dalhousie, he majored in composition. Not surprisingly, composing is the biggest thrill for him.

“It’s a form of meditation,” says Jody.

It doesn’t matter if he’s sick or tired, when he’s composing it’s easy for him to get in the zone.

Originally from Bedford, Jody was attracted to Dalhousie because of the jazz, classical and composition courses it offered.

Fond memories

Looking back, Jody says his graduation recital was the highlight of his time at Dalhousie. Pieces he composed were performed by his fellow students and members of Symphony Nova Scotia.

He says that his education prepared him well for what he’s doing today.

“It completely influenced what I’m doing,” says Jody. “Without the theory that I learned, there would be no way I could compose. I got the knowledge that I needed to do and understand what I do today. I can analyze things and hear things because of the theory I received from Dalhousie.”