Fountain Performing Arts Undergraduate Scholarships

Fountain Performing Arts Undergraduate Scholarships are intended to support exceptional students entering full-time studies in undergraduate Music or Theatre major degree programs at Dalhousie University.  Four renewable 4-year scholarships of $6000/year in each of Music and Theatre are available for the 2018-19 academic year.

The scholarships are awarded to students who combine academic excellence and artistic talent or potential.  Students must have a high school grade minimum 87% admission average [an admission average is calculated based upon the five required courses for the program to which the student has applied] OR a minimum 29 predicted/anticipated IB Diploma pointsThe scholarship will be renewed if the recipient carries a full course-load (30 credit hours) and maintains an annual GPA of 3.3 after year one, 3.5 after year two, and 3.7 after year three of his or her studies.

To be eligible for scholarship consideration, your academic application to the university MUST be complete by March 1, including provision of high school transcripts and all other requirements. See the Registrar's web site for more information on admission requirements.

Applicants to Music Major programs:  All applicants auditioning for the BMus and other Music major undergraduate programs (BA in Music, BA Combined Honours) will be automatically considered for the Fountain Performing Arts Scholarships, provided their university applications are complete by the Dalhousie University scholarship deadline (March 1) and that their audition takes place no later than March 10, 2018.

Admission for all Music programs is based on the performance audition combined with theory and skills testing. In the 3rd year of the BMus, students may pursue a concentration in Performance, Composition or Musicology. Scholarships are based on the performance audition and, in the case of exceptional students interested in pursuing the Composition or Musicology option, a portfolio of substantial original works (score and recording) or substantial writing samples, which must be received by March 1. Please note that this additional material is for scholarship purposes only and does not affect admission to a Music program.

Applicants to Theatre Major programs:  In addition to completing their university applications by the March 1 deadline, applicants who want to be considered for the Fountain Performing Arts Scholarships in Theatre are also required to submit supporting material that includes a letter of intent and one of the following:

Acting: a DVD or CD-ROM with two short video clips (no longer than 10 minutes in total) that demonstrate the applicant’s acting talent; these clips may include one or two monologues or excerpts from an actual production.

Costume Studies and Technical Theatre: a portfolio or presentation in the PDF format (no longer than 16 pages) containing materials that demonstrates the applicant’s talent for costume, stage, lighting, or sound design, construction skills, or stage management experience.

Theatre Studies: a PDF file containing a copy of one of the applicant’s high-school essays (no longer than 16 pages); this essay may be written either on a theatre or drama subject and should be accompanied with the properly formatted references and Works Cited.

All supporting materials for both Music and Theatre applicants are due by March 1.  We can accept electronic versions of materials at For hard copies please deliver to the postal or courier addresses below:

Via Mail:
Fountain School of Performing Arts
Dalhousie University
PO Box 15000
Halifax, NS  B3H 4R2

Via courier:
Fountain School of Performing Arts
Dalhousie University Arts Centre
6101 University Avenue, Room 514
Halifax, NS  B3H 1W8