Rental Information

The Dalhousie Arts Centre is closed for renovations until January 2021. At this time we have no further details on when rentals will be permitted in Fountain School spaces.

Please note:  During a normal school year, the Sir James Dunn Theatre is not available for day time use Monday to Friday, September to April.  The David Mack. Murray Studio is not available for rental during the school year (September to April).

General Rental Information and Guidelines

The Fountain School of Performing Arts offers to the general public the rental of its theatres, workshops, and equipment when available as a service to the community.  The School is a training institution, therefore its spaces are staffed with technical students enrolled at the university. The students who work the rentals are under the supervision of the Technical Coordinator (Rentals) and the technical staff of the Fountain School.  Any questions involving the use of space or equipment or the running of the rental should be addressed to the Administrative Officer or the Technical Coordinator (Rentals).

A rental agreement only becomes effective when the applicant has contacted the Technical Coordinator to assess the technical requirements of the rental, including equipment requirements, has paid the deposit fee, and provided a signed rental agreement.  A clear definition of the requirements must be ascertained including specifics of time, equipment, staff, rehearsal, performance, sound, lighting, scenery, etc. Owing to certain circumstances not all equipment on our spec. list may be available.  In order to ensure availability, please state requirements well in advance. Failure to inform the Technical Coordinator of all production requirements may result in unavailable equipment or additional cost in equipment or staff for the renter.

All technical work will be performed by the technical staff of The Fountain School of Performing Arts, inclusive of fit-ups, flying scenery, rigging electrics, focusing, setting levels, etc.  All in-house equipment such as the lighting board, sound console and fly system, and the backstage will be operated by Fountain School production staff only.  This requirement may be altered if deemed appropriate by the Technical Coordinator.

All users must comply with all the rules and safety regulations of the theatre.

The Fountain School of Performing Arts is not responsible for lost or stolen items.  This includes anything left on stage, in the wings, dressing rooms or green room.  If a locked space is required to store equipment or valuables, please see the Rental Crew Chief.

Dalhousie University and the Fountain School of Performing Arts will not be responsible in the event of personal injury or damage to goods and materials owned by rental groups while using our theatres.

Dalhousie University and the Fountain School of Performing Arts cannot be held financially responsible in the event of equipment failure or performance.