Marina Glazov

Adjunct Professor

Phone: 902-494-1082
Mailing Address: 
Department of Russian Studies McCain Arts and Social Sciences Building
6135 University Ave.
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H 4R2

Selected publications


  • "Suggested by Dante: Poetics and Poetry of Osip Mandelstam" (with Elena Glazova, in Russian; "Podskazano Dantom, O poetike i poesii Mandelshtama") 2011 Kiev, Dukh I litera.
  • “Mandel’shtam i Dante: “Bozhestvennaya komediya” v poezii Mandel’shtam tridtsatykh godov” [Reprint in Russian translation of “Mandel’shtam and Dante: The Divine Comedy in Mandel’shtam’s Poetry of the 1930’s”], in Sokhrani moju rech’: Zapiski Mandel’shtamskogo obschestva [Preserve my speech: Notes of the Mandel’shtam Society]. Moscow, 2000.  pp. 73-100.
  • “The symbolism of folk Vietnamese Prints”, Traditional Vietnam, Collection of  Articles, Vol. II Institute of Asian and African countries in Moscow State University, Moscow, 1996, pp.325-334.
  • “The Artist as a Transgressor in Mandel’shtam’s Poetry”, Studies in Soviet Thought, Kluwer Academic Publishers, vol. 36 (1988): 1-61.
  • “Dante’s Divine Comedy and Mandel’shtam’s Poetry of the 1930s”, Studies in Soviet Thought, Reidel Publishing, December, vol. 28 (1984): 281-335. 

Literary work


  • Razdelenie Okeanom [Divided by the Ocean]. A book of poetry. Preface by Sergei Averintsev.  Moscow: Toza Publishing House, 1991. 80 pages.
  • Podskazano Dantom: O poetike i poezii Mandelshtama = Suggested by Dante: prose and poetry of Mandelshtam.
    With Elena Corrigan (Elena Glazova). Kiev: Dukh i Litera, 2011. ISBN: 978-9663782058.
  • Slova sbyvaiutsia : poeziia, pis'ma, svidetel'stva.  Moskva: PROBEL-2000, 2014. 430 pages.
    ISBN: 9785986044149

Magazine and newspaper publications:

  • First Love, Final Pity (excerpts from the novel First Love and Final Pity) in Istina i zhizn, no. 1, 48-51. 2003.
  • Sovetskaya molodezh’ [Soviet Youth], Irkutsk, 11 September 1993: 4.
  • Literaturnye novosti [Literary News], Moscow, no. 9 (1992): 9.
  • Vremya i My [Time and We], no. 83 (1985): 111-114.
  • Russkaja Mysl’ [Russian Thought], Paris, no. 3526 (1984): 9.

Historical Testimony


  • Editor, with Elena Glazov-Corrigan. Tesnye Vrata [The Narrow Gates] by Yuri Glazov.  St. Petersburg: Zvezda Publishing House. 2001
  • Editor. V kraiu otcov: Khronica nedavnego vremeni  [In the Country of Our Fathers:  The Chronicle of Not Too Distant Past] by Yuri  Glazov. Moscow: Istina I Zhizn’ Publishing House.

Article-length publications:

  • “Zolotaja Nit’” [“A Golden Thread”] in Yuri Glazov, The Narrow Gates, St. Petersburg: Zvezda Publishing house, 2001, pp. 359-381.
  • Editor, “Razgovory Yu. Glazov s A.D. Sakharovym”, Russkaja Mysl’, no. 4319, mai 2000 [Y.Glazov’s Conversations with A.D. Sakharov”, Russian Thought, no. 4319, May 2000].


  • Canada Council Research Grant, 1977-1978.
  • Project: Semiotic Analysis of the Symbolism of Oriental Prints.

Awards and honours

  • Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia -- Poetry – First Prize, 6th Annual Writing Competition, 1980.
  • ACTRA (Association of Canadian Television and Radio Artists). Nominated as Best Dramatic Writer in Radio for Easter Roses, CBC Radio, 1980