Why Study Here?

Immerse yourself in Russian language and culture

As the oldest Russian Studies program in Canada, we've been attracting students who want to study the language, history, literature and culture of Russia since 1944.

Studying Russian at Dalhousie opens a rich world of Russian literature, art and music that is only partially and superficially available in English. At Dalhousie, we celebrate Russian culture through our Russian choir, the performances and food of our annual Russian Night, poetry readings, guest speakers, and our close-knit classes, where students and teachers work together to make this challenging subject fascinating and fun.

Speak Russian with confidence

Familiarity with Russian opens the door to a wide range of opportunities in Europe and Asia. Our language courses help you gain a thorough grasp of Russian grammar, combined with practical competence in speaking, reading and writing.

Discover endless career opportunities

Knowledge of Russian is an enormous asset for students interested in careers in international business. Russia is rich in natural resources and raw materials, making it a desirable trade partner for many Western countries. Russia is also a huge market for telecommunication products, environmental technologies, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals. Combining Russian with studies in business, economics or any scientific field opens doors to careers around the globe.  

Study abroad for a semester

International experience gives you the chance to improve your language skills, relate what you learn in class to real life situations and develop a network of international business contacts. Every year, our intermediate and advanced students have an opportunity to spend four months at Saint Petersburg State University to study language, literature, culture and history. 

Advantages for scientists and scholars

More than 28% of the world’s scientific literature is published in Russian. Think of the advantage you'll have as a scientist or scholar if you have instant access to that research, instead of having to wait — and often, to pay — for it to be translated. Knowing Russian opens the door to the science and technology that launched the space age and has made fundamental discoveries in areas as diverse as low-temperature physics, the early history of the Universe, and eye surgery.