Rt. Hon. Robert L. Stanfield Lectures

The Rt. Hon. Robert L. Stanfield Lectures HONOURING THE MAN AND HIS PRINCIPLES

Stanfield had the unique quality of allowing his principles and values to guide his political decisions. He was committed to doing what he thought was right or good for the county (or province) rather than what was popular or would win elections – a rare quality in politics. 

In today’s high-speed political climate, where issues and challenges arise at a dizzying rate, there is a need for more of Stanfield’s thoughtful, ethically-guided approach. One that is founded in principles and puts a stronger and more civilized Canada above  all else.

THE RT. HON. ROBERT L. STANFIELD LECTURES will not only honour this outstanding Canadian and his contribution to public life but highlight, for current and future leaders, the need for a vibrant democracy guided by integrity and decency. 


“WHERE IS DEMOCRACY TODAY?”  will be the over-arching theme of the lecture series with a Canadian-centric perspective. Topics may be national or international in scope and explore issues such as populism in politics, ethics in politics, inequality and democracy or identity politics. While the lectures will be non-partisan, speakers will be generally aware of Stanfield’s lasting contributions to public policy and his selfless public service grounded in decency and integrity.

Speakers will be chosen from the ranks of distinguished academics, past or present politicians, non-elected political practitioners, journalists, public service and private sector leaders and public intellectuals. In selecting lecturers and topics, the aim will be to meet the highest standards of academic and public interest.

The Department of Political Science in Dalhousie’s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences will oversee the organization, promotion, presentation and dissemination of lectures, which will usually be held in Halifax. 

Advisory Council


We are privileged to have prestigious individuals commit to providing volunteer leadership.  With their guidance, we are establishing an advisory council that will help us achieve the goals of the Rt. Hon. Robert L. Stanfield Lectures. 

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