Crosscurrents Seminars

The Institute sponsors interdisciplinary panel discussions and lectures periodically through the year on issues of interest to Faculty members, students and the general public. Its Crosscurrents Series of panel discussions feature experts from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds addressing topics of general interest as well as controversial subjects of public concern.


Crosscurrents I (February 4th, 11:30-1:00, Rowe 1011)

FASS PhD Research: Creed, Currency, and Credibility

  • Brandi Estey-Burtt (English), "When the Messiah Comes: Rethinking Religion in 21st-Century Literature”
  • Tonya Katherine Canning (Sociology & Social Anthropology), “Economic Empowerment or Shell Game?: Ethnographic Analysis of a Local Currency System”
  • John Mitton (Political Science), "Selling Schelling Short: Reputations and American Coercive Diplomacy After Syria”

Crosscurrents II (February 25th, 11:30-1:00, Rowe 1016)

Details TBA.


Crosscurrents II
Ethics and the University (Thursday, 12th March, 11:30-1:00 in LSC 238)

Peggy Cunningham (Management), "Teaching Ethics and a Values-Led Mission"
Letitia Meynell (Philosophy), "Inside and Out: On the Importance of External Standpoints for Learning Professional Ethics"
Erin Wunker (Canadian Studies/IDS), "Notes Towards an Ethical Relationship with Contract Faculty"

Crosscurrents I

Understanding Digital Environments (Scotiabank auditorium in McCain, 3:30-5:00pm, Friday, 24 October 2014)
Chair: William Barker
Andrew Bergel/Ruben Zaiotti (Political Science), "Social Media and the Making of International Organizations’ External Identity"
Yuri Leving (Russian), "Studying Literature in a Digital Environment"
Darren Abramson (Philosophy), "Do Great Artists Steal? Creativity in the Internet Age"
Estelle Joubert (Music), "Beyond Regietheater? Digital Technology and Robert LePage’s Ring Cycle"


Crosscurrents I
"Culture and New Technologies"
Thursday, March 6th
11:30am - 1:00pm
Computer Science 127

  • Christopher Helland (SOSA), "Virtual Tibet: Assessing the Impact and Implications of the Online Ritual Activity of the Tibetan Diaspora Community" 
  • Estelle Joubert (Music), "Beyond Regietheater? Digital Technology and Robert LePage’s Ring Cycle"
  • Duncan MacIntosh (Philosophy), "Spying, Secrecy and Drones, Oh My!"

Crosscurrents II (also first event in the Atlantic Region SSHRC-sponsored event, "Connecting Cultures: Imagining Canada's Future")
"Technology, Development, Environment"
Thursday, March 6th
4:00 - 5:30pm
Chemistry, Rm 226

  • Matthew Schnurr (International Development Studies), “Can Genetically Modified Crops Help African Farmers? Using Mixed Methods to Assess Farmers’ Attitudes and Intentions to Adopt GM Banana in Uganda”
  • Ted Cavanagh (Architecture), “Building Innovation on the Rural Coast: Local Place and Global Reach”
  • Robert France (Environmental Sciences / Rural Research Centre), “The Alewife: Still Waters, Lost; Still, Waters Lost”

Reception to follow at University Club (downstairs).




Crosscurrent Roundtable: Collaborative Research on Global Health
Wednesday, March 27
11:30p.m. - 1:00p.m.
Lord Dalhousie Room

Panelists from Dalhousie Departments of Political Science, International Development Studies and Spanish & Latin American Studies - as well as the WHO/PAHO Collaborating Centre on Health Workforce Planning & Research and The Romeo Dallaire Child Soldiers Initiative - present this roundtable on Collaborative Research on Global Health.  At this session, they will seek to find commonalities between disciplines and ways in which units can partner on projects of global health research at Dalhousie.  

Collaborative Research on Global Health poster, including participants

Crosscurrent Roundtable:  University-Government Cooperation on Social Policy Innovation
Friday, April 5
10:30p.m. - 12:00p.m.
Lord Dalhousie Room

Panelists from Dalhousie Research Services, the Department of Sociology & Social Anthropology, the School of Public Administration, the Centre for Foreign Policy Studies - along with Rick Williams, Nova Scotia Deputy Minister, Policy and Priorities - will meet to discuss University-Government Cooperation on Social Policy Innovation.  They will seek ways to work together to address challenges and find solutions to issues of social policy in Nova Scotia, Canada and internationally.

Watch University-Government Cooperation on Social Policy Innovation here


University-Government Cooperation on Social Policy Innovation poster, including participants

Both sessions are free and open to the public.  Questions?:

2010-11 Crosscurrents Seminars




Ecocriticism, or, What does it Mean to be 'Ecologically-Oriented' in the Humanities?



Speakers: Estelle Joubert (Music), Michael House (German), Travis Mason (Killam Postdoctoral Fellow, English).

Thursday, 3 February, 11:30-1:00, McCain 2116.


Children and the Arts


Jacqueline Warwick (Music) will speak on children as performers and stars; Jack Mitchell (Classics) will speak on ancient childhood educational practices; and Helene Deacon (Psychology) will speak on children's reading.   

Thursday, 3 March, 11:30-1:00, McCain 2116.



2009-10 Crosscurrents Seminars:



Theme:  Sport & Development


Simon Darnell (IDS):  "What can sport do? Considering physical culture within
international development theory"

Nissim Mannathukkaren (IDS): "From Decolonization to ‘Third World’ Capitalism:
The Cricket Imaginary in India"

Mark Stoddart (SOSA): "When Getting Back to Nature becomes a Social Problem:
Outdoor Recreation and Social Movements at Jumbo Pass and the Tobeatic
Wilderness Area"

Thursday, January 28, 2010
Room 1116, Marion McCain Building
Dalhousie University