DalCAP: The Coordinated Arts Program

Instead of designing individual first-year course schedules from scratch, new students beginning their first year in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences are offered the opportunity to start their time at Dal with our intensive, multidisciplinary, coordinated, and structured set of courses through the Dal Coordinated Arts Program (DalCAP).

Students will work throughout the year with the same cohort of students, benefiting from a community of people who share an interest in exploring a breadth of contemporary perspectives. The DalCAP is intended to ease new FASS students' transition to university by connecting them to learning communities and simplifying their course selection, even as it challenges them to learn new skills and knowledge that will help them to excel in a wide range of fields thereafter.

This suite of courses will give new students a solid grounding for engagement with the challenges facing our world, even as it provides an excellent entry point for most Majors in the Arts and Social Sciences.

Still a full-time, 30 credit slate of courses but with only three per term instead of the usual five, DalCAP lets students focus their attention – and will have coordinated assignment deadlines, too.

The DalCAP allows students to satisfy the requirement for a minimum of six credit hours in each of the three subject groupings—Languages and Humanities, Social Sciences, and Life and Physical Sciences—as well as the writing requirement.

The intensive, six credit courses mean that students take fewer courses per term, focusing their attention and effort on two or three courses, while acquiring the same number of credit hours as they would by taking four or five traditional introductory courses.

Any two of the six credit hour DalCAP courses offered in a term can be combined, and virtually any other three credit course from the 1000-level offerings in FASS can be added. The reduced number of courses is complemented by coordination among the CAP instructors to minimize conflicts in assignment deadlines.

DalCAP students can select courses from the following lists:

Fall 2021 term:                                                                    

·         GERM 1010.06 German for Beginners           

·         ENGL/CRWR 1030.06: Reading and Writing Stories        

·         SUST 1000.06: What is Sustainability?  

·         SPAN 1035.06 Accelerated Beginning Spanish

·         plus one  3 credit hour course of your choice                

Winter 2022 term:

·         FREN 1045.06 Intermediate French

·         POLI/SOSA 1500.06: Global Politics and Society

·         HIST 1510.06: The History of the Future

·         plus one  3 credit hour course of your choice

recommended 3 credit hour course options for winter term:

·         SUST 1400.03 Exploring Sustainability  (Exclusion with SUST 1000.06 - do not take this course if you took SUST 1000 in fall)

·         SOSA 1002.03 People and Culture - Introduction to Social Anthropology

* Note: Students intending to major in Philosophy are encouraged (but not required) to add an intro Philosophy course. The DalCAP program isn’t suitable as a first year for Music or Theatre students.