Course Offerings

NOTE: The courses offered vary from year to year.
Below you will find the Political Science courses for the 2020/2021 academic year.

Winter 2021

Course Code


Course Syllabus

POLI 1002.03

M. Firmini

Intro to Government and Politics

POLI 1065.03

D. Black

Political Worlds: Global Domain

POLI 2215.03

M. Firmini

Canadian Aboriginal Politics

POLI 2220.03

S. Pruysers

Structures of Canadian Parliamentary Govt

POLI 2302.03  

P. Arthur

Comparative Politics II

POLI 2420.03

M. Firmini

Political Thought: 1789-1900

POLI 2530.03

B. Bow

Foreign Policy in Theory & Practice

POLI 3206.03


Constitutional Law and Politics in Canada

POLI 3208.03

L. Carbert

Canadian Provincial Politics

POLI 3315.03

P. Arthur

African Politics

POLI 3378.03

R. Finbow

American Politics: Polarization and Crisis

POLI 3390.03

A. Hayden

Politics of Consumption

POLI 3420.03

K. Banerjee

The International Politics of Mobility

POLI 3426.03


Sex, Race, and the State

POLI 3492.03

S. Pruysers

Political Inquiry I

POLI 3505.03

L. Sarson

Human Rights: Foundations

POLI 3520.03


Building Democracy & Peace

POLI 3569.03

B. Bow

Canadian Foreign Policy

POLI 3603.03

D. Black

Readings in Political Science

POLI 4242.03

L. Carbert

Politics of Behaviour, Reason, Passion and Biology

POLI 4390.03


NGOs & Government Services

POLI 4450.03

K. Banerjee

Political Theories of International Ethics and Global Justice

POLI 4532.03

L. Sarson


POLI 4561.03

J. Baechler

Security-Development Nexus

POLI 4590.03

H. Williamson

Politics of the Sea II

POLI 4602.03

R. Finbow

Honours Essay & Seminar

Summer 2021

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