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Law, Justice & Society

The LAW, JUSTICE & SOCIETY program aims to be a multi- and interdisciplinary learning experience for students who are interested in the study of law and justice -- be they approached as subjects of historical, philosophical, political, or socio-anthropological inquiry or as an avenue for work in criminal justice, public policy, legal research, or human rights advocacy. So doing, the program aims to deepen students’ knowledge of the role of law in relation to other social institutions and of the historical development, political uses, and place in philosophical traditions of concepts and practices of law and justice. The program will also help students critically evaluate, apply, and engage in research and analysis focused on law and justice.

LJSO will provide experiential learning opportunities for students to complete practicum placements and community research or simulation courses. These courses will inspire students to recognize that learning does not cease once they leave the classroom, but is a lifelong process that is both rooted in and directed towards the communities and issues with which they are involved.