Memory Lapses: Rethinking Fascist Colonialism and the 1938 Racial Laws, today.

The French Department’s series of Causeries du vendredi and the Italian Studies Program


Memory Lapses

Rethinking Fascist Colonialism and the 1938 Racial Laws, today.

Dr. Paolo Matteucci (Dalhousie University)

The lecture will be in English. A wine and cheese reception will follow.            

 Rome and the Legacy of Fascist Colonialism

Fictionalizing the past in order to serve a biased political agenda is a long-standing practice, in the Italian peninsula just as elsewhere. In today’s Italy, however, the phenomenon of re-constructing, manipulating and even completely ignoring crucial historical events appears to have reached an unprecedented magnitude. While reflecting on the period comprised between the establishment of the Italian Colonial Empire in 1936 and the fall of Fascism in 1943, this causerie will try to situate the legacy of Italian colonialism in the context of contemporary Italy’s political debate.

followed by

Negotiating Amnesia by Alessandra Ferrini (2015, Italy/Uk, 30’)

Negotiating Amnesia is an essay film based on research conducted at the Alinari Archive and the National Library in Florence. It focuses on the Ethiopian War of 1935-36 and the legacy of the fascist, imperial drive in Italy. Through interviews, archival images and the analysis of high-school textbooks employed in Italy since 1946, the documentary shifts through different historical and personal anecdotes, modes and technologies of representation.




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