Theatre - Matinee: The Piper

The Fountain School of Performing Arts presents:

The Piper

By Colleen Murphy
Directed by Pamela Halstead

The town council of Hamelin is a self-absorbed corporate tyranny. It exploits its underclass - rats who dream of becoming human - and it ignores the anguish of its children, who still believe in love. Tensions are already building when change arrives in the form of the mysterious Piper, with whom the Mayor's daughter falls in love. When the Piper aids the council in their war against the rats, the transformative powers of his magical music will change their world forever. Colleen Murphy's re-imagining of the tale of the Pied Piper of Hamelin is wildly funny but also stages the anger and sorrow of a society that needs to be reinvented at its core.



David Mack. Murray Studio
Dal Arts Centre, 6101 University Avenue


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