Start Date : Fall 2020

Welcome to our incoming graduates starting in the Fall of 2020 !

Melanie Bateman

I was born and raised in Montreal, Canada but moved with my family to Pennsylvania, USA where I attended high school before returning to Canada for my undergraduate degree at Queen's University. My first year of university was at the Queen's Bader International Study Center in the south of England. After returning from England, I finished my degree program in Global Development and Political Studies. My research interests center on sustainability and the intersectionality of rights. In more depth, my research focuses on rights pertaining to accessing limited resources and how race, gender, and class influence rights in accessing resources.

Clara Bullock

Clara Bullock is a first-year master’s student in International Development Studies. Her focus of research is analyzing the economic and social impacts of female farmers in East Africa regarding the introduction of genetically modified crops. Clara is no stranger to agriculture development both in and out of the classroom. She completed a double bachelor's degree in Agriculture and Business Administration. She also has been involved in international development projects in connection with the World Bank and Global Affairs Canada, where she worked in Uganda and Ethiopia. Clara’s ambition is to develop a greater understanding of the challenges and barriers women face in finding prosperity within the agriculture sector in East Africa. She is excited to start this academic endeavor!

Emily Fox

Emily Fox is a Master of Arts student in the International Development Studies program. She has a Bachelor of Arts in politics and sociology and a Certificate of economics from the University of New Brunswick. As the research and lab coordinator for the Laboratory of Housing and Mental Health (LHAMH) at the University of New Brunswick, she has participated in research on social housing and mental health and the mental health impacts of the 2018 and 2019 Floods in New Brunswick. She is currently a research assistant in health policy at Dalhousie University and her current research interests include gender and development, the environment and development; post-conflict and postcolonial studies; health and development policy; and Latin American development issues. 

Faizah Imam

I completed my Honors and Masters in International Relations from Bangladesh University of Professionals. Previously I have worked on regional integration, refugees and migration, and the challenges of Fourth Generation Peacekeeping. My current research interests lie in gender politics and patriarchy, rural development, and international development. My geographic area of expertise is South Asia since I have earned my experiences and knowledge mostly based on the context of Bangladesh and South Asia.

Laura Jimena Patino Bonza

Colombian social communicator and journalist with experience in mass media and international cooperation projects. As Grants Management Coordinator at the Colombia country office of the international NGO War Child Holland, I was in charge of project formulation, internal and external reporting, as well as donor compliance.My research interests include gender equality and community based and strengths-based approaches in development interventions.  I am also interested on the economic and social integration of migrants and refugees in host communities. 

Yanik Rozon

My name is Yanik Rozon and I am a graduate from the University of Guelph where I completed my undergraduate degree in International Development with an area of emphasis in Environment and Development. My research interests are on the interdisciplinary concepts of sustainability and global environmental change, social learning and climate change adaptation and resiliency. More specifically, I am interested in how informal and organizational learning and the recognition of different knowledge systems can support perceptions and practices relating to environmental sustainability and climate change action.

Ginno Martinez Tuesta

Ginno Martinez Tuesta has a Bachelor in Social Anthropology from the National University of San Marcos, Peru. He holds a specialization in rural development from the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (Flacso), Ecuador. In addition, he took courses in sustainable rural livelihoods in India. His research interests involve issues about rural development, extractive industries, and political ecology, and has an extensive ethnographic fieldwork in the Andean area. His last research exposes the resistance of farmers against a mining project in Southern Peru. Currently, he is focused on imaginaries development of lithium in indigenous territories, and landless farmers in Latin American.