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IDS Internships


Applications have now closed, thank you to all who applied.


Dalhousie 2015 QES Scholars attend a traditional kwanjula - an integral part of any Ugandan wedding. From left: Rachel Morgan, Jeremy Ryant, Jane Nalunga (SEATINI), Shelby Jamieson, Agnes Kirabo (FRA).

Collaboratively, Dalhousie's Faculty of Agriculture and Department of International Development Studies are offering three funded internships for summer 2016 to work with NGOs in Uganda on food security policy.  Internships will also be offered in Summer 2017.

The NGOs:
▪ The Southern and Eastern African Trade, Information and Negotiations Institute (SEATINI): http://www.seatiniuganda.org/
▪ Food Rights Alliance (FRA): http://secure.fra.ug/

The Internships:
▪ The Internships are made possible by a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarships Grant from the Government of Canada (QEII Diamond Jubiliee Scholarships)
▪ Each internship will be a minimum of 90 days (early May ro early August, 2016).
▪ Open to returning upper year undergraduate and graduate students
▪ Up to $6,000 is available to support each internship (airfare, living expenses, vaccinations, visas).
▪ Each internship will involve mandatory pre-departure training and orientation in Truro and Halifax, and leadership of Public Engagement activities on return to Canada.
▪ Interns will work closely with Ugandan staff at SEATINI and FRA on projects related to food security policy development.
▪ Full descriptions of the internships follow below.

Internship #1: SEATINI-Uganda

This intern will be linked to the first of SEATINI’s four main programming areas, Linking Global Trade Issues to Rural Livelihoods.  This programme aims to influence the development of policy instruments and agreements that support agricultural production, value addition and marketing for improved rural livelihoods in Uganda, with an overarching goal of improving food security. To accomplish this, SEATINI organizes campaigns on issues facing smallholder farmers in a globalized economy.  More specific tasks will include: 

  1. Carrying out peer-reviewed research in order to produce working papers and fact sheets on key issues.
  2. Providing logistical support during the implementation of farmer workshops and community meetings.
  3. Assisting in the development of programme reports for management detailing achieved results and outcomes.
  4. Contributing articles for distribution in newsletters, position papers and the website.
  5. Supporting the development of relevant partnerships within civil society, parliament, research and academia that will advance achievement of the programme purpose and objectives.

Desirable skills or capacities include the following:

·             Excellent verbal communication skills

·             Training or background in development economics or global trade

·             Some background in policy formation or policy writing is an asset

·             Strong writing skills in multiple forums, including policy writing, proposal writing and/or writing for a more public audience

Internship #2: Food Rights Alliance (Advocacy)

The successful intern will be asked to contribute towards the FRA’s advocacy work in influencing policy and practice towards the realization of the right to food.  The successful intern will work with a team at FRA on the following tasks:

  1. Promoting policy engagements, dialogues and debates on issues related to agriculture, food security, nutrition and ending hunger.
  2. Writing development papers, policy briefs, fact sheets and newsletters on topics around food security and food sovereignty.
  3. Supporting advocacy campaigns on current issues.
  4. Organizing regional, national and local workshops and public dialogues.
  5. Building and strengthening strategic partnerships and alliances with other like-minded organizations, policy makers, and media for collective action synergy
  6. Supporting the preparation of fundraising proposals.

Desirable skills or capacities include the following:

·             Excellent research and writing skills

·             Strong capacity for organization and logistics

·             Expertise or experience in lobbying or advocacy work

·             Some background in fundraising

Internship #3 Food Rights Alliance (Knowledge Management)

The successful intern will work to develop knowledge based systems for effective engagement on the issue of the right to food. Primary tasks will revolve around generating, documenting and disseminating knowledge to help further the FRA’s current work in this area.  The intern will support this programme by undertaking the following tasks:

  1. Conducting research and producing case studies to inform policy positions and mobilize stakeholders in order to influence policy makers.
  2. Strengthening documentation and sharing of experiences, best practices and lessons learned.
  3. Supporting media relationships and engagement.
  4. Updating and strengthening the FRA’s presence both online and in social media.
  5. Contributing to annual report and strategic plans.

Desirable skills or capacities include the following:

·             Experience with web management

·             Training or background in knowledge management or knowledge dissemination

·             Knowledge or expertise in social media campaigns

·             Basic data collection and analysis


Those who are interested are able to download the application form here [PDF - 106KB].