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24th Annual "Best Curlers in History"

Posted by Philip Zachernuk on February 5, 2020 in News

A new plaque will augment the ever-longer list of “The Best Curlers in History,” the 24th addition. Eight teams competed for various awards and distinctions.

The “Best Curlers in History” were led by Blake “Back Swing” Brown, who teaches History at Saint Mary’s, leading curlers from his former school: Krista Kesselring, Brennan Dempsey, and Aaron Wright.

Most decisively, with zero points, the last-place “Losing with Grace” trophy was awarded to the Classics Curlers: Chris Austen, Michael Fournier, Brigid Garvey, and Thomas Mitchell.

Aaron Wright, one of the “Best Curlers,” also won “Best Fall” by a landslide, revealing yet again how History can surprise. Aaron went home with chocolates and a certificate for an hour of restorative massage at Lifemark Phsyio.

Thomas “Take Out” Mitchell, repeated his achievement as MVP from 2019, separating himself from his team members with whom he won the “Losing with Grace” Trophy.

Arthur McCalla, on the runner up team from MSVU, earned the “Lukewarm Shots” award with a skillful draw to the back 8.

Thanks in part to some generous donations, we managed to raise an even $100 for the Graduate History Society’s coffers.

Many thanks to Katherine Crooks for the work figuring and gathering prizes, and to the businesses who contributed prizes: East Coast Bakery (the bagel place on Quinpool), Lifemark Physio Clinic at the SMU Homburg Center, and the new Tart and Soul Café at Cobourg and Oxford.