Undergraduate History Society

Who we are and what we do

The Dalhousie Undergraduate History Society (DUHS) is a student society that meets weekly during the fall and winter semesters. The society serves as a venue where history students and history buffs alike meet and discuss interests they have in common.  New members are always welcome at any point in the academic year.

The Dalhousie Undergraduate Society also leads events for the student community including, but not limited to, historical trips in and around Halifax, our annual road trip, and a very special event for 2015 that will be announced shortly. The Dalhousie Undergraduate History Society also produces Pangaea, our annual undergraduate journal that publishes student- authored work.

email:  ughs@dal.ca

Meet our executive council:

·        Patricia Masur, President

·        Szymon Pogoda, Vice President

·        William Jamieson,Treasurer

·        Katie Kiezer, Secretary

.         Amel Zleetini, DASS Rep  

.         Emma Ryan, Social Rep   


Pangaea, Dalhousie's Undergraduate History Journal








Pangaea 2013 [PDF 796KB]

Pangaea 2009 [PDF 1MB]

Pangaea 2008 [PDF 1.5MB]

Pangaea 2007 [PDF 1MB]