4000‑Level Courses

2018-2019 Course Title Instructor Specifics  
HIST 4090W   Soviet History Seminar D. Kozlov Timetable  
HIST 4106F Topics in Early Modern England (2019-2020 Topic:  London) K. Kesselring Timetable  
HIST 4117F Winston Churchill C. Bell Timetable  
HIST 4250F Popular Culture in the Atlantic World, 1650-1850 J. Bannister Timetable  
HIST 4370W The American Revolution J. Roberts Timetable  
HIST 4401F State Violence, Communal Conflict and Criminality in Modern South Africa G. Kynoch Timetable
HIST 4475F African Intellectuals and the Modern Experience P. Zachernuk Timetable  
HIST 4500F Topics in Modern History (2019-2020 Topic:  Museums, Archives, and Material Culture) L. Binkley Timetable  
HIST 4986X/Y The Varieties of History C. Bell Timetable