3000‑Level Courses

2019-20 Course Title Instructor Specifics  
HIST 3007W The European Enlightenment J. Pekacz Timetable  
HIST 3030F Russian Intellectual History (2019-2020 Topic:  Explore the period of 1700-1900 thrugh the eyes of Russia's great thinkers and writers)

N. Choubine



HIST 3043F Napoleon Bonaparte J. Pekacz Timetable  
HIST 3045F The French Revolution J. Pekacz Timetable  
HIST 3046F Culture and Behaviour in France, 1550-1750 Part I G. Hanlon Timetable  
HIST 3047W Culture and Behaviour in France, 1550-1750 Part II G. Hanlon Timetable  
HIST 3050W Europe and World War Two C. Bell Timetable  
HIST 3059W Confronting Fascism
J. Cameron
HIST 3075F Science and Religion:  Historical Perspectives S. Snobelen Timetable  
HIST 3076W Science and Religion:  Contemporary Perspectives S. Snobelen Timetable  
HIST 3085W
The Many Faces of Frederic Chopin:  Problems in Modern Biography J. Pekacz Timetable  
HIST 3090F Russian Society D. Kozlov Timetable  
HIST 3091F Russian Topics (2019-2020 Topic:  Putin's Russia) Y. Leving Timetable  
HIST 3101W Punishment, Crime, and the Courts in England, c. 1559-1850   K. Kesselring Timetable  
HIST 3222W Topics in Canadian Social History (2019-2020 Topic:  Indigenous Textiles, Industry, Tourism, Meaning) L. Binkley Timetable  
HIST 3226W Law and Justice in Canadian Society to 1890
R. Bleasdale
HIST 3227W Criminal Law, Crime and Punishment in Canada, 1890 to present
R. Bleasdale Timetable  
HIST 3302W Technology and History in North America A. Wright Timetable  
HIST 3369F America in the 1960s
T. McCallum Timetable  
HIST 3380F Slavery and Freedom in the Americas A. Cooper Timetable  
HIST 3402F   Baroque to Bustles, Dress from 1700-1870 H. Doda
HIST 3403W Bustles to Boardroom, Dress from 1700-1879 H. Doda
HIST 3430W Making of Colonial AFrica, 1850-1930 P. Zachernuk Timetable  
HIST 3452W Apartheid and After:  Racial Rule in South Africa   G. Kynoch Timetable
HIST 3470F Wars and Revolutions in Nineteenth-Century Africa P. Zachernuk Timetable  
HIST 3471W Wars and Revolutions in Twentieth-Century Africa G. Kynoch Timetable  
HIST 3512F Modern History of Iran C. Mitchell Timetable  
HIST 3520W Empire, War, and Resistance in Sri Lanka A. Parasram Timetable  
HIST 3551W

Topics in Modern History (2018-2019 Topc:  The North American Civil Rights and Black Power Movements)


A. Cooper Timetable  
HIST 3750W
Social History of Seafaring:  Maritime Culture in the Age of Sail J. Bannister Timetable  
HIST 3990W In Search of the Philosopher's Stone:  The History of European Alchemy
K. Fraser Timetable