2000‑Level Courses

2018-2019  Course

Title Instructor Specifics    
HIST 2006F The Atlantic World, 1450-1650:  European Colonization of the Americas
J. Roberts
HIST 2007W The Atlantic World, 1650-1800:  European Empires in the Americas

B. Dempsey



HIST 2015W European Military History 1550-1740
G. Hanlon Timetable    
HIST 2016W The Classical Greek World:  Athens, Sparta and a Century of Conflict E. Varto
HIST 2021W Soviet Russia D. Kozlov Timetable    
HIST 2022F Imperial Russia D. Kozlov Timetable    
HIST 2023W Roman Legions and the Barbarians
J. Mitchell
HIST 2032F   Twentieth Century Germany

M Rodorff


HIST 2042F Capital of Europe:  Paris in the Nineteenth Century J. Pekacz Timetable    
HIST 2042W   Capital of Europe:  Paris in the Nineteenth Century J. Pekacz Timetable    
HIST 2049W The First World War:  Causes and Campaigns C. Bell
HIST 2061F Civilization of Baroque Italy
G. Hanlon Timetable    
HIST 2074X/Y Introduction to the History of Science

I. Stewart /

G. McOuat

HIST 2088F Roots of Greek Civilization
E. Varto Timetable    
HIST 2092F Death, Sex and Gold in the Ancient Roman World
J. Mitchell
HIST 2205F Historical Issues in Indigenous Studies L. Binkley
HIST 2235W History of Canadian Culture R. Bleasdale Timetable    
HIST 2272W Atlantic Canada Since Confederation:  Regionalism, Identity, and Development, 1867-2000    S. Spike
HIST 2280F African Nova Scotian History
A. Cooper

HIST 2383F
Mexico and Central America:  From Revolutin to Drug Wars J. Kirk
HIST 2385F Cuba in Revolution  1961-the Present J. Kirk Timetable    
HIST 2401F Cave to Castles:  Dress from Pre-history to 1450 H. Doda

HIST 2402W Castles to Cafes:  Dress from 1450-1700 H. Doda
HIST 2426W Africa Since 1900:  Disruption and Innovation
G. Hanlon Timetable    
HIST 2509F Hindu Muslim, Sikh:  Identity, Culture and State in the Pre Colonial South Asia

C. Austin/

C. Mitchell

HIST 2510W Hindu Muslim, Sikh:  Locating the Trama of Modern South Asia

C. Mitchelll/

C. Austin

HIST 2711F Struggles that Shaped the Modern World:  1600-1900 P. Zachernuk Timetable    
HIST 2715F Locked Up:  A Global History of Incarceration G. Kynoch Timetable    
HIST 2750W   The Pirate and Piracy S. Kow Timetable    
HIST 2900W Ways of Seeing:  An Introduction to Art History and Visual Culture
L. Binkley Timetable    
HIST 2990F Magic, Science and the Occulty:  from Antiquity to Postmodernity K. Fraser Timetable