Our graduate program offers students a unique, interdisciplinary program of study.  Research in the department is concerned principally with the Enlightenment, the literary and philosophical tradition of German Idealism and Romanticism, and the culture of the 20th century. Special expertise includes the following fields: Reception of Islamic Orient; Reception of Greek and Roman Antiquity; General and Comparative Aesthetics; Philosophy of History, Religion and Nature; Modernism; Narratology; Austrian Literature. The language of instruction is German. 


The department offers a one- or two-year Master of Arts. There are also doctoral opportunities in Dalhousie's Interdisciplinary PhD program. Graduate students may concentrate on any of the periods or any particular aspect of the history of German literature and thought.

University partnerships

The department also has partnerships with the Universities of Freiburg and Heidelberg in Germany, and Macerata in Italy. Graduate students and professors from these institutions frequently come to the department to study and teach.

The graduate program has also opened doors to exciting careers at elite institutions throughout North America and Europe.