Double Major in English

BA Double Major in English (120 Credit Hours)

English can be combined with another subject in a Double Major program.  The Double Major degree provides wide-ranging preparation for a wide variety of careers, including the teaching of English at elementary and high-school levels. It is organized to develop skills in reading, interpreting, and writing about a variety of literary and cultural texts.


Students must meet the requirements for the Double Major, which include 60 to 84 credit hours in the Major subjects above the 1000 level (no more than 48 and no fewer than 30 credit hours in either). Students must take at least 18 credit hours above the 2000 level in each subject.  Among their English courses, students must take:

1.      At least one of the following:  ENGL2001 British Literature to 1800, ENGL2002 British Literature after 1800, ENGL2003 American Literature, ENGL2004 Canadian Literature, ENGL2005 World Literature, ENGL2006 Cultural Studies

2.      At least one of the following:  ENGL3000 Close Reading, ENGL3001 History of Literary Criticism, ENGL3002 Contemporary Critical Theory

3.      At least one from each of the following two groups:

A)     Old English, Middle English, Renaissance (ENGL2018 Arthur, ENGL2020 Sampling Medieval Literature, ENGL2215 Young Shakespeare, ENGL2217 Shakespeare at the Globe, ENGL3005 The Canterbury Tales, ENGL3007 Old English, ENGL3008 Introduction to Nordic Saga, ENGL3010 Renaissance Poetry and Culture I:  More to Jonson, ENGL3011 Renaissance Poetry and Culture II: Donne to Milton, ENGL3015 Renaissance Drama)

B)     Restoration, Eighteenth-Century, Romantic, Victorian, 19th-Century American (ENGL2218 Gothic Fiction, ENGL3017 English Poetry and Prose 1660-1740, ENGL3019 Poetry and Prose 1740-1789, ENGL3020 English Drama 1660-1800, ENGL3022 English Fiction to 1820, ENGL3026 Romantic Era I: Radicals and Visionaries, ENGL3027 Romantic Era II: The Satanic and the Sublime, ENGL3029 Victorian Poetry, ENGL3031 The Nineteenth-Century British Novel from Austen to Dickens, ENGL3032 The Nineteenth-Century British Novel from Dickens to Hardy, ENGL3061 American Literature to 1865, ENGL3062 American Literature 1865-1914)

4.      3 credit-hours at the 4000 level.  Note:  as of September 2017, students in a Double Major program in English will be required to take a 3-credit-hour seminar at the 4000 level other than ENGL4900.03 Honours Capstone Seminar.

Please consult the Academic Calendar for more detailed information.