ENGL 4353

***We regret to announce that the New Peripatetic will not be running in Summer 2017. We hope to build on our plans for the course in the future. Thanks to everyone who expressed interest in and leant support to this initiative. ***



England, June 3-30, 2017

"Read about this study abroad opportunity in The Globe and Mail."     

  • Follow in the footsteps of writers who changed the world* 
  • Experience tourism as an art of social activism
  • Work with original manuscripts
  • Network with scholars, local historians, artists & environmentalists
  • Explore the history and politics of tourism, gentrification, and the relationship between social mobility and mobilization
  • Collaborate. Create. Curate. Your tour.

Itinerary: Sites, Topics, Authors

  • Week 1 – London and Margate: the Health of the Body Politic
                        (Thelwall, Paine, Blake, Wollstonecraft, Equiano, Turner, Dickens)
  • Week 2  – Salisbury Plain and Stonehenge: Mobility and Marginalization
                          (Thelwall, Burney, W. Wordsworth, More)
                        Bristol & Bath: 
    Gentrification and Identity: Class, Gender, Race
                          (Yearsley, Wordsworth & Coleridge, Austen
    Industrial Revolution, Science and Improvement
                          (Shelley, Mather, Gaskell)
  • Week 3 – The Lake District: Archival Activism and the Politics of Nature
                           (Thelwall, D and W. Wordsworth)
  • Week 4 – London: Regency Legacies
                            (Hunt, Keats, Hone)


•      Most of the texts for this class will be studied in excerpts, compiled into a course pak, which will be available at cost at the beginning of the course.
•      Some materials (including complete texts) may be accessed online, and it is advisable for students to bring a laptop or tablet with them.


•      This interdisciplinary full-credit 4000-level class is open to all students above the first year (subject to approval of application form, available below)
•      The course may be taken for transfer credit
•      You need not be a student at a Canadian university
•     Non-Dalhousie students. If you're a student at another university, anywhere in the world, you can register as a Visiting Student, which requires you to submit a letter of permission from your university. Find more information and register as a Visiting Student.
•      Non-students. If you're not in a program at another university, or you've graduated from your undergraduate studies, you can register as a Special Student Undergraduate, which requires you to submit your academic record (transcripts etc.). Find more information and register as a Special Student Undergraduate. On the application form, tick  'Special Student' and then you don't need to fill in program details.

Methods of Instruction

•      Lectures, discussions and excursions (which may include hands-on workshops/community liaisons)
•      All are mandatory; excursions are not “extras” but are essential to the class.
•      Some lectures and discussions in formal classroom settings (usually for 2 hours in the morning)
•      Others will be more informal and en route (in bus or on foot).
•      4-5 hours a day, 5 days a week, “in class” or en route, and another 1-2 hours reading or writing.
•      One evening a week there will be a “tutorial” to share our individual sketches.


•      30%: New peripatetic project
•      60%: A collaborative/creative portfolio of sketches (co-edited and evaluated by both instructors and classmates)
•      10%: Overall participation in excursions and discussions

Money Matters

International study auxiliary fee (includes accommodations, transportation in the UK, workshops, excursions): $4700

Tuition: $1800 (International student fees $3800)

Flights (return Halifax to London-Heathrow): $1100

Food: TBD as we travel (we will point you to inexpensive options)

Total: $7600*

*costs are subject to change

Financial Support is available!

Dalhousie students can apply for financial support (up to approximately $1000 depending on personal circumstances) to support their participation in this study abroad course. Find more information about the George Burris Study in England Awards and and the Study/Work International Fund.

Important Dates

•      Thursday, October 20, 2016 – 1st info session
•      Thursday, November 24, 2016  – 2nd info session (11:30 AM - 1:00 PM McCain, RM 2021)
•      Thursday, January 26, 2017 –3rd info session (11:30 AM - 1:00 PM McCain, RM 2021)
•      Friday, February 17, 2017 – Application form due
•      Friday, February 24, 2017 – Students will be notified whether or not they can register for the course
•      Friday, March 3, 2017 – First payment (non-refundable $350) due
•      March, 2017 (date TBD)  – Info session for registered students


Dr. Judith Thompson

Dr. Kate Scarth  


Application form deadline: Friday, February 17, 2017

*Please be advised that the course will involve a lot of movement by foot, coach, train, and bus.