2023‑2024 Graduate Program Course Offering

Fall 2023 Instructor
ENGL: 5***: Cultures of Print in Early Modern Europe Dr. Andrew Brown
ENGL: 5***: Migration, Politics, and the Family Dr. Asha Jeffers
ENGL 5006: Studies in Research Creation Dr. Bart Vautour
ENGL: 5975: Neurofiction Dr. Anthony Enns
Winter 2024 Instructor
ENGL: 5***: Elena Ferrante and the Neapolitan Novels Dr. Alice Brittan
ENGL 5812: Ideas of the Western Dr. David Evans
ENGL 5236 Poetry and Rhetoric in Early Modern Culture Dr. Lyn Bennett
ENGL: 5966: Memoir and Affect Dr. Erin Wunker
ENGL: 5***: Fictive Art and Hoaxes Dr. Heather Jessup