2021‑2022 Graduate Program Course Offering *Tentative*

Fall 2021

ENGL 5917 Critial Theory: Ethical Turn (Writing Beauty: Scholarly Storytelling Now)


ENGL 5331 18th Century Authorship


ENGL 5428 Exiles, Captives, and Migrants


ENGL 5562 Turth: Franklin to Faulkner


Winter 2022

ENGL  5265 Writing Women/Women Writing in Early Modern England (1540-1640)

ENGL 5635: Representation of the Urban in Canadian Literature


ENGL 5532 The Literary Animal



ENGL 5842 Unconventional Love Stories


Dr. Alice Brittan

Dr. Trevor Ross


Dr. Andrew Brown

Dr. David Evans


Dr. Christina Luckyj

Dr. Erin Wunker

Dr. Brian Gillis

Dr. Heather Jessup