ENGL 4900 Honours Capstone

ENGL 4900: Honors Capstone
Dr. Christina Luckyj
Fall 2019

Course Description
As “a stone which caps or crowns” your undergraduate studies in English, this new version of the required class for Honours students is a for-credit class in which (like all your other classes) you will earn a grade. The Capstone has two primary goals: to introduce you to advanced career planning and to advance your knowledge of and expertise in disciplinary research. To achieve the first goal, you will investigate career options (including possible internships) and receive expert training in writing resumes and applications for further education in various fields, including English. To achieve the second goal, you will report on selected Friday afternoon departmental research seminars, and you will develop a successful paper from a previous course into the Honours Essay, a polished, publication-ready research essay of about 5000-7500 words. Although each student will work with a specialist advisor to produce the essay, this class will provide help with research tools and with the evaluation of existing scholarship, as well as guidance in developing the argument. A short version of the paper will be presented at the Honours Colloquium, held near the end of the fall term, and in the winter term, after final revisions, the Honours essays will be uploaded to DalSpace, the university library’s digital archive, where they will be permanently accessible as a digital publication under the student’s authorship, and as a record of the achievements of the class.