ENGL 3026 Romantic Radicals

ENGL 3026: Romance Radicals
Dr. Judith Thompson
Fall 2019

Course Description
In the British Romantic period (roughly 1780-1830), a cultural fascination with the shadowy, seductive territory of fantasy, imagination, the primitive, the unknown and the uncanny coexists and collides with hard political experience of a society formed and fractured by debates over the rights of man and the wrongs of woman; the social costs of war and industrialization, slavery and imperial conquest; the claims of inherited tradition versus the demands of the marketplace.

This class traces the dynamics of this interaction through the first part of this period, which produced revolutionary visions of Blake and Coleridge, the radical ballads of Burns, Wordsworh and Thelwall, and the passionate reason of Wollstonecraft and Robinson, as well as voices from the streets, the prisons and the margins of empire, calling for freedom and equality in representation, whether literary or political.

Evaluation will be based on one collaborative oral presentation, one short essay (based on the presentation) and a final research essay, as well as general class participation and a final exam.