ENGL 2003 American Literature

ENGL American Literature
Dr. Jason Haslam
Fall 2019

This course introduces some of the traditions and influential texts of American literature. Designed both historically and thematically, the course will discuss various conflicts which form the contested space and definitions of “America,” from the initial period of settler colonialism, to the Atlantic Slave trade, to the resistance movements against both, to the Civil War and the continued effects of these and other conflicts today.  This history sees oppression, rebellion, and uplift, and is, of course, discussed, represented, and contested in turn by literature and other cultural forms.  As such, the course will also study a range of material and genres, from political tracts, to autobiography, to realist and non-realist fiction and various forms of poetry. The course will thus provide a historical orientation and demonstration of the diversity of American literature. The course will also emphasize developing skills in critical thinking, scholarly argumentation, and documentation.