CRWR 4001.06 Advanced Creative Writing: Fiction

It is important to discover your own unique voice as a writer. Your most important asset is your creativity, and developing your creativity is the key to any good writing course. An intense writing schedule and a roomful of writer peers is the best forum for encouraging the creative process.

This class focuses on the development of your writing through workshops. We will learn to give and receive encouraging and exacting critiques of our written work. Hearing and giving feedback on other people’s stories will assist you in understanding your own craft and writing process. By analyzing another person’s work, you will also learn to question the truth and integrity of your own. Intensive revision of our own work is a crucial part of the process of developing our writing.

Learning through writing exercises and presentations will help you to develop critical awareness of your own writing. We will continue to apply the elements and techniques you were developing in Levels 1 and 2. We will also read one novel per semester to analyze how language, technique, and perspective shape the worlds within their stories.