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Pythian Victors MMXVIII

Posted by Classics Department on March 19, 2018 in News
The Pythia
The Pythia

The 2018 Pythian Games delighted and awed all who came. The Oracle of Delphi and her enduring Interpreter hosted a set of glorious acts ranging from the musical to the comedic to the sublime. Congratulations and thank you to all our performers for making this 1013th iteration of the Games a success!

Prize Winners

The Howard Murray Prize

"The Death of Pliny the Elder"
Dr. Grundke's Eminently Erudite Intermediate Latin Class

The Chair's Prize

"Anything You Can Weave (I Can Weave Better)"
Jen Hall, Cristalle Watson, Madelaine Wheeler

Dr. Atherton Memorial Latin Prize

"Mensa Auxilii Scriptoria (Medieval Help Desk)"
Dr. Christopher Grundke and Mr. James Fleming

Dr. Grundke and Mr. Fleming have generously donated their prize winnings to Kylix and Res Publica.

Alumni Prize

"Petronius' Wolf Walk"
Cristalle Watson

Res Publica Prize

"A Poetry to My Professors"
Sarah Stride