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Dalhousie Classics Newsbulletin for November: Gold Coins, Family and Faculty News and More

Posted by Classics Department on November 23, 2016 in News
3.5.iii Constantius II AU Solidus EF Cohen #108
3.5.iii Constantius II AU Solidus EF Cohen #108

COINS, Wisdom Belongs to God, An Honorary Degree, Family news, Books, Papers and Awards, Pythian Games & Dionysius


Our top Ten COINS


On Monday the 28th at 5 pm in the Classics Department Library, Dr George Burden will display and introduce the top ten coins from the Seabegs Collection of Ancient Roman Coinage he has generously donated to Dalhousie. The gold solidus of Constantius II (pictured above) will be one of those shown.

Dr Hankey’s Retirement Celebrations


“Wisdom belongs to God” with “God Everyday and Everywhere (the 37th Atlantic Theological Conference) Sunday June 18th to Saturday, June 24th, 2017

The organisers are grateful to announce that, owing to the generous sponsorship of the University of King’s College, the celebrations will be held at King’s with the panels, addresses, meals and residence in the College. A website has been established:

Inquiries to Justin Wollf at All are invited to this week of philosophy, literary study and theology. Details will continue to appear in issues of this Newsbulletin.

An Honorary Degree


Speaking of the University of King’s College, during the Installation of Professor William Lahey as its 25th President and Vice-Chancellor in a ceremony on Thursday, October 13 our own Patrick Graham (MA 1993) received an honorary Doctor of Civil Law. The citation noted that he has reported from some of the world’s hottest spots including  Afghanistan before and after 9/11 and Baghdad during the US invasion of Iraq, Besides his writing, Patrick’s venture into film as co-writer of Afghan Luke, was also honoured. Patrick will deliver a paper on contemporary Islamic theologies during the God Everyday and Everywhere Conference in June.

Family News


Speaking of Patrick, he and Naomi Blackwood (MA 2009) rejoiced in the birth of their son Edward Patrick Graham on November 17th. He will join his sister Audrey Catherine in the family house in Petite Riviere. Benjamin Lee (BA, 2006; MA, 2008) and Andrea welcomed Seraphina Lily Joanna Lee into the world on November 3rd joining Brendan and Ellianna. Clifford Lee (BA, 2010) and Lucinda celebrated the birth of Lochlan Robert Lee on October 20th and Emma (BA, 2010; MA, 2012) and Martin Curran (BA, 2010; MA, 2012) have a son Henry Curran who joined this family of Classics graduates headed by Dr Thomas Curran (MA, 1975) on September 14th.

Our beloved Department Secretary, Donna, mourned the loss of her father George Thomas Edwards who passed away on June 18th and Professor Peter O’Brien and his brother Fr Craig O’Brien mourned the passing of their father Dr Daniel William O’Brien on October 30th.

Appointments and Awards


Evan King (BA, 2010; MA 2012), who, with his wife Elizabeth Curry-King (MA, 2013), will both deliver two papers at Dr Hankey’s retirement celebrations has submitted his PhD thesis “Supersapientia: A Study of the Expositio super Elementationem Procli of Berthold von Moosburg” at Cambridge University. Evan is now an Affiliated Lecturer at Cambridge University covering issues in Plato, Aristotle, Plotinus, Augustine and Aquinas.

Daniel Watson (MA, 2013) working on a PhD in Celtic Studies at the National University of Ireland Maynooth has been awarded a Kontaktstipendum scholarship to study for four months at Marburg, Germany.

Tamara Watson (First Class Honours and the University Medal in Classics, 2015; MA, 2016), Daniel’s sister, is with Jacob Glover in first year at the Schulich School of Law.

Books, Papers and Addresses


Dr Emily Varto (MA, 2004) has had a book chapter on the meaning of descent in early Greece published and has been invited to give a lecture in Vancouver this January on the politics of fatness in Archaic Greece. At the same time she will be a Visiting Scholar at Simon Fraser University, where she will give a public lecture on genealogy and elitism in archaic Greece. After that she is headed to Greece for the first part of her sabbatical, based at the Finnish Institute at Athens.

Dr Jack Mitchell has completed D, a book of 500 original aphorisms in the tradition of La Rochefoucauld and Vauvenargues.  The first of them may illustrate their cheerfully cynical tone: "If everything has been said, at least everything has been forgotten."

Dr Christopher Austin finished Pradyumna: Lover, Magician and Scion of the Avatara while on sabbatical, has two edited volume chapters under review, and has finished the translation of a Sanskrit play from Kerala never before translated in a European language. He is also busily engaged in organizing conferences and panels in Canada and abroad in his field.

Dr Alexander Treiger gave a keynote address at the conference “Christianity and Judaism in the Language of Islam” in Uppsala, Sweden and has “in press”:  “The Earliest Dated Christian Arabic Translation (772 AD): Ammonius’ Report on the Martyrdom of the Monks of Sinai and Raithu”; “New Works by Theodore Abū Qurra, Preserved under the Name of Thaddeus of Edessa”: “Unpublished Texts from the Arab Orthodox Tradition (2): Miracles of St. Eustratius of Mar Saba (written ca. 860)”; and “Origins of Kalām”. The last is coming out in The Oxford Handbook of Islamic Theology.

Dr Eli Diamond (BA, 1999; MA, 2001) has just returned from a conference on Aristotle at the Catholic University of Milan about which he reports: “On the last day there were two keynote addresses. The whole conference was extremely well-attended - there were usually at least 100 people in the room - but for the keynote addresses we were in a massive auditorium with over 700 people. The first talk was by Prof Allessandro Ghisalberti on Dante's reconciliation of Aristotelian philosophy and Christianity. Ghisalberti told me he remembered Robert Crouse well. The conference ended with an absolutely inspiring address by Enrico Berti entitled "Attualità di Aristotele"—in Italian both actuality and contemporary relevance—it was one of the most inspiring philosophical addresses I have ever heard, full of insight not only into Aristotle but his place in the history and his importance in contemporary problems and debates. The vibrancy of the work on ancient philosophy here, especially among the younger generation of Reale's students, is very exciting. People were doing very daring, speculative metaphysical readings full of insight into the text and full of confidence that doing this matters for understanding now.” On December 2nd Eli is going to talk about Aristotle's God and Metaphysics Lambda with Aryeh Kosman in the Metaphysics seminar taught by our alumnus David Bronstein (BA, 2000) at Georgetown University. In late January he is giving the Aquinas lecture in Philosophy at St Thomas University in Fredericton & in early March the keynote address at the undergraduate Classics conference at the University of Windsor. 

Pythian Games


The eagerly anticipated Pythian Games will be played again this year, likely in early March as in other years.  The happy mixture of poetry, music, and performance for which the games are renowned will be under the direction of Dr Christopher Grundke, Acting Precentor.



Dionysius 34 for 2016 is about to appear with articles on polytheism, Plato, Aristotle, Proclus, Dionysius the Areopagite, Albertus Magnus and Thomas Aquinas. Visit to subscribe.

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