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Hot Off the Press

Posted by Classics Department on October 8, 2015 in News

(Dr. Eli Diamond and Carolyn Gillis)

On October 1st, we hosted the book launch for Dr. Diamond's new commentary on Aristotle's de anima, Mortal Imitations of Divine Life. One of the best attended events in the department's history, the launch welcomed everyone, from battlehardened Classicists and philosophy professors, to the army of children that brightened the evening. If the initial reports are correct, Dr. Diamond's book will hopefully make an impact on the world of Aristotle scholarship and show that, even though we spend most of our time in the past, Dalhousie Classics remains a force to be reckoned with in the modern world!

 (Drs. Thomas Curran and Peter O'Brien)

(Bruce Russell, MA 2014, and Tibet Kara, current MA student)

(Shari Clark with her copy of Dr. Diamond's book)

(Students both new and old! From left to right: Lauren Vanderdeen, Justin Wolff, Keith Kampen, Matthew VanderKwaak, and Amy Bird)

(Drs. Nathan McGovern and Alex Treiger)

(Alex Edwards, a current MA student, exploring Dr. Diamond's arguments)

(A lone Kevin Gaul!)

(Kevin Walker and Marybeth Osowski, two current MA students in the department)