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Dr. Hankey Retires and is Reappointed

Posted by Classics Department on July 3, 2015 in News

Dr Hankey has been retired from his King’s Chair as Carnegie Professor and is now appointed by Dalhousie to a post-retirement  position. From the first of July, he is Professor of Classics at Dalhousie University, teaching four and a half classes in 2015-16 and helping with administration tasks. He hopes to expand his writing and research. Currently he has a monograph resulting from his Aquinas Medal and Lectureship at the University of Dallas, an introduction to Aquinas’s Neoplatonism, in press, is preparing to open a colloquium celebrating the 750th Anniversary of St Thomas’ Summa theologiae in Paris in December, and writing a book entitled Christian Neoplatonisms: A Beginner’s Guide due at the publisher next Summer.

As part of our participation in the  ”Raison et Révélation: l’Héritage Critique de l’Antiquité”, in 2017 we plan to host a Colloquium entitled “Wisdom belongs to God” (Socrates, Apology 23a: τὸ δὲ κινδυνεύει, ὦ ἄνδρες, τῷ ὄντι ὁ θεὸς σοφὸς εἶναι, καὶ ἐν τῷ χρησμῷ τούτῳ τοῦτο λέγειν, ὅτι ἡ ἀνθρωπίνη σοφία ὀλίγου τινὸς ἀξία ἐστὶν καὶ οὐδενός). The Colloquium will celebrate Dr Hankey’s scholarship and teaching by a consideration of the self-criticism of reason within the Hellenic tradition. We hope that a great number of his former students will participate.