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The Greeks and Others: Reading and Research Course

Posted by Dalhousie Classics on August 19, 2020 in News
Duel between a Greek and Persian warrior
Duel between a Greek and Persian warrior

CLAS 3794 will be offered in the Winter semester by Dr. Emily Varto. This is an excellent course for Classics students interested in enriching their knowledge of the ancient Greeks and their close and complicated relationships with other cultures and peoples. 

CLAS 3794: The Greeks and Others (R&R in Greek Literature)

This will be a 3000-level seminar course aimed at students who have some background in ancient Greek history (e.g., students who have taken at least a course or two on Greek history). In this course, we will explore the ancient Greeks in their vibrant, active, complex, and interconnected Mediterranean, European, and Near Eastern context. (If the Greeks, as Plato says, lived around the Aegean like frogs around a pond, they were frogs around a pond connected to a lake full of frogs surrounded by a forest full of lakes with even more frogs. And now imagine that all those frogs also have boats!) How and why did the Greeks come into contact with other peoples? Who were these other peoples? What and how did the Greeks think about those others? We’ll consider, e.g., mobility and trade; Near Eastern, Mediterranean, and European populations; scholarly approaches to (and controversies about) ancient race and ethnicity; and ancient Greek writing (poetry, ethnography, geography) and art (sculpture, pottery painting) about ‘others’. (No knowledge of Greek required.)