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Aaron Shenkman wins Governor General's Gold Medal

Posted by Classics Department on May 8, 2017 in News

Aaron Shenkman has captured the 2017 Governor General’s Gold Medal for the most outstanding Master’s graduate in the Humanities and Social Sciences at Dalhousie. Our Joseph Gerbasi took it in 2015, Emma Curran in 2013, Tim Riggs in 2010, and Dr Hans Feichtinger in 2003. The selection is made by the Faculty of Graduate Studies and only one is awarded in the Humanities and Social Sciences each year. Our graduates have received five in fifteen years, fully one-third of those awarded in this period – a remarkable achievement that speaks to the exceptional quality of the work of our students and faculty and the distinguished accomplishments of our graduates.

Aaron Shenkman completed his MA thesis in 2016, entitled “Multus Homo Es: Desire, Conquest, and Identity in Catullus’ Carmina”, under the direction of Dr. O’Brien. In its multi-level analysis of the dynamics of erotic desire and sexuality present in the Carmina, it treats this work as Catullus’ response and, moreover, deliberate challenge to the prevailing, and largely violent, Roman conception of “masculinity”. Aaron Shenkman presented a paper by the same name at the 2016 annual meeting of the Ancient Philosophy Society, held in Portland, Maine, and was awarded the inaugural "emerging scholar" prize by the APS. Since graduating, Aaron has been travelling in Australia, New Zealand, England, and Spain, where he recently finished another epic journey: the Camino de Santiago. Many congratulations on all your achievements, Aaron!