2016 ‑ Volume XVIII

Editors: Justin Wollf and Matthew Vanderkwaak

Production Editor: Jacob Glover

Table of Contents:

On the Nature and Necessity of Odysseus' Deception in Philoctetes - Keith Kampen

Nature, Logic, and Freedom in Eriugena's Periphyseon - Harrington Critchley

Imperial Rule in Tacitus' Agricola and Martin Luther King Jr.'s Beyond Vietnam - Madison Law-Bonvie

Epicureanism and Cynicism in Lucian - Allison Graham

Mulled Thoughts: Mullus and Mugilius in Pliny's Naturalis Hisoria and the De Re Conquinaria of 'Apicius' - William C. Coney

'A Pestilent Knave from Macedonia:' Narratives of Culture and Ethnicity in Demosthenes' Third Philippic - Cristalle Watson

You Fight Like a Girl: Medea, Theano II and Diverging Articulations of the Heroic Code - Meg Shields

The Superbia of the Platonists in St. Augustine's Confessions - Benjamin von Bredow

'Leading the Way to the Beautified Fatherland:' Platonic Ascents, Capax Dei, and the Sceptical Self in Augustine's Confessions - Justin Wollf